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The Big Winners in Slot Machines

It is only natural for people to ask if they can win the million dollars in the slot machine. There are even those who think that the machines are rigged. As you will see, there is absolutely no truth to this.

Slot history is replete with winners. No doubt there have been thousands of casino players who have walked away with hundreds or even thousands of dollars, but there are also a significant number who have hit the big ones.

One of them was 84 year old Josephine Crawford of New Jersey. On April 17, 2006, the widow was at Harrah's Casino in Atlantic City with one of her grand daughters. She was a regular visitor to the place, but had rarely played the progressive slots. She decided to try it though, after being unsuccessful in the regular slots. With less than $6 left, she hit the jackpot. Her prize: $10 million.

Another big slot machine winner was New York's Joan Catanzarite. Playing at Akwesasne Mohawk Casino, Joan was unaware of what happened until the machine flashed a message telling her she must call an attendant. To her shock, the attendant informed her she had just won over $1.3 million. For Catanzarite, she was able to use the money to help pay for her daughters' tuition.

The experience of Jo Argyris of Boulder City, Nevada is one of the most amazing in slot history. In early August 2007, she won a million dollars, and at first couldn't believe what had happened. Incredibly, Argyris, towards the end of the month, found herself playing the same slot machine and again won another $1 million. The odds of this occurring were staggering, but it happened.

Finally there is Elmer Sherwin; sometime in 1989, Sherwin, then 55, won $4.6 million dollars playing a slot machine in the Mirage in Las Vegas. Then, 16 years later (in September 2006) and 92 years old, Sherwin tried his luck again, and won. While four and a half million was (and is) a considerable amount, it was nothing compared to what he was able to take home this time: over $21 million.

Yes, you can win in the slots, and you can win big. It does not matter if you are young or just young at heart. Some strike lucky the first time they play, and others may have to wait a while, but the bottom line is that as long as you play, you will always have the chance to get that jackpot.

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