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Playing Slots in the Proper Way

There are lots of books available today that discuss about slot strategy and many of these books are totally off track. Many of them are superficial, based on assumptions, superstitions, and hearsay. Which in the end will give you no significant information with regards to winning at slots.

And if you happen to have one of these books, it is truly frustrating and a waste of money because you will later realize that what are written there is totally worthless. But in spite of this, there is still hope for you to experience winning at slots, which is to play slots in a proper way.

We all know that slot is a total game of luck and chance. There is no applicable slot strategy in order to gain advantage over the house edge. Lots of people have been claiming about having the knowledge of slots playing systems that will provide profits to the players consistently. But in reality, all of these things are not true and these people are just babbling. When you play slots, it is not about slot strategy but it is about who you are while playing the game especially when it pays out.

Slots payout are totally random and the payout percentage of every game has a long period of cover time. One major thing that players can do when playing slots is to manage their bankroll and playing time. Doing this can let you to play slots for as long as you want thus giving you a good chance of getting the jackpot.

When you make your bets properly on the slot games, going home broke will be prevented and will keep you to stay at playing slots longer for a better chance of winning the jackpot. It is undeniable that playing slots will really drain your money slowly because that is their purpose. But there are some lucky players who did get the big jackpot. Therefore, in playing slots, you will not win the prize if you don't play at all.

Determining how much money you are willing to lose in playing slots is really necessary because it will give you the foreknowledge of how long are you going to play and how many bets you must make for each spin. If you decide to play ten hours each week and you have a budget of $100, then your daily playing time will be two hours and each hour will cost you $10.

Since you only have $10 to lose willingly per hour at playing slots, then basing on the following list, your bankroll fits on the nickel and penny slot machines.

- Nickel machines will cost $9.00 / hour - Quarter machines will cost $45.00 / hour - One Dollar machines will cost $180.00 / hour - Five Dollar machines will cost $900.00 / hour

Find the right rate of slot machine that fits your bankroll that you may have true pleasure in playing slots.

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